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Audio Guest Book

Introducing the all-new Audio Guest Book.

Step into the future of guest books with our Audio Guest Book. Say bye bye to traditional pen and paper, and hello to a unique experience that captures your guests’ voices.

As the night goes on, those messages will be even better!

Go on and send some love, pick up the phone, wait for the beep and leave your message.

Easy to Use

Our Audio Guest Book is battery powered, no need to worry about charging it through the night. We will supply a charge just incase!

All messages are recorded individually, and you will receive a gallery with each and every message that has been recorded throughout the night.

Weekend Hire

If you’re heading interstate, you can collect from our warehouse in Mitchell, ACT on Friday and return on the Monday for no additional charge. We will provide you with instructions on how to use it when you pick it up.

Phone Box

If you’re wanting to add that extra wow factor to your next event, why not add our phone box?
Check out our packages below.

Happy Days Event Hire